Hikers day is a pop-up event with a guided day hike at different places in Dalarna mountain region. Lars Svanerud is a local cerified mountainleader SFLO with a long experience of both guiding people and a lot of adventures on his list. The purpose of HIkers day is to highlight different places, known and less known, and show the diversity that the Dalarna mountain area offers the hiker.

The first ever HIKERS DAY-DALARNA is June 28, 2023

Destination: Städjan and Nipfjällets nature reserve
Start and meeting point: Parkingspace at Stor- Harunda sjön. Google Maps
Hiking distance: ~13 km Up and down: ~300 m
Date: 28 juni 2023
Time to start hiking: 09.30 Time end of hiking: ~16:30

Städjan and Nipfjällets naturreserve are located north of Idre. The area is a part of Sapmi where we sometimes see reindeers. The area also houses several of the mountain area’s usual animals, for exampel brown bear, wolverine, fox, hare, moose and several bird species. This hike start close to the bik lake Harundasjön and we hike on the trail to north side of Nipfjället. At the small hut Ulandstugan we take a lunchbrake before we hike up on the nearby mountaint top, Ulandshögen.

Price: 980 SEK per person
Groupsize: Max 10 persons

The price include
Guided hike by the local and certified Mountainleader SFLO , Lars Svanerud.
Lunchpack with fika (Thermos with hot soup, homebaked bread with cheese, non alcoholic beer or soda, home baked cinnamon bun)

How to get to the start point
We do our best to organize possibility to share a car between participants. If you share a car with another participant it is our suggestion that you count 25 SEK per 10 km and split this between the persons in the same car. All HIKERS DAY is round tours that start and end at the same place.

What to bring
Temperature during summer can be around 0 to really warm around 25 degrees Celsius.
Backpack for lunchpack and extra clothes (you can hire a backpack)
Lined jacket in down or synthetic to put on during brakes
Clothing that is comfortable and functional for hiking
Shoes or boots for hiking. Several part can be wet
Rain jacket and rain trousers
Thin gloves and hat.
Sit pad
Termos with coffee, te or what you prefer to drink when it is fika time
Bottle with water and favorite snacks
Your personal medicine

Optional to bring
Hiking sticks
Mosquito repellent

What to expect
Every hike is special. But you can always expect hiking on and off trails. Uphills and downhills. The trails can be everything from easy to hike to more difficult with a lot of stones. In general you have to be in good shape so you can hike a hole day in varied terrain carrying your backpack. If you think this is for you, HIKERS DAY will offer a great hiking day at some of Dalarnas mountain areas best and most spectacular places for hiking. The guide Lars Svanerud will share his knowledge about the regions nature, animals, history and culture and of course you meet great people with the same interest for hiking.

How to register
To register you send a request with information below
Names of all participants
Email to contact person
Phone number to contact person
Date of the “hikers day” you want to join

When we get this request you will get a confirmation and information how to pay. When you receive the confirmation you have a spot at the HIKERS DAY.

You can rebook or cancel up to 7 days before the start without charge

Welcome to join us on HIKERS DAY

Send request to join a HIKERS DAY

28 june 2023
13 july 2023 (location not decided)
14 july 2023 (location not decided)


Certified guides
All tours are guided by certified guides Mountainleader SFLO.

Local guides
The guides live in the north of Dalarna where most of our trips is carried out. That means that they have a extremely good knowledge of the area, current conditions but also that they pay there taxes to the local economy which contributes to people in the sparsely populated areas being able to have school, healthcare and social care

With several of our guests we have a long relationship. Some of them join us for more adventures others ask for advice to do adventures of there own and we are always willing to help.

We travel in small groups of up to 10 people for both the quality for your experience and to make less impact on nature. We know current conditions and can adapt to take into account wildlife, reindeers and other factors that need special consideration. A lot of what we buy for both our life in the north of Dalarna and for our guide business are from local stores.

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