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About me

Me, my wife Elin and our dog Lukas at the top of one of our homemountains. Lukas is an Alaskan Husky.

Creates nature-friendly, adventurous travel reasons in Scandinavia. Shares stories, pictures and movies with the aim of creating relationships between human-human and human – nature

Hi and welcome! I have for nearly my entire life lived at the Swedish eastcoast, born and raised in Stockholm and after that a lot of years in the small town Sandviken 200 km north of Stockholm. Almost all my freetime and vacations have I spent in the scandinavian forest and traveled to the mountainrange 300 km west of where I lived or all the way above the arctic circle. 2018 me, my wife Elin and our dog Lukas moved to the west side of Sweden, near the border to Norway and souranded by the mountains that we love.

Today I work fulltime as a mountainleader, adventuretravel designer and manager of the guideservice we offer at STF Grövelsjön Mountainstation. I really love the process of develop outdoor experinces and being outside hiking and skiing with guests, see there happy faces and here all the wow,s.

HLR Intsructor
Adventuretravel designer
Real Estate Management
Change Managemanet

D-HLR Instructor
UGL Leadership
Leadership at IFL Handelshögskolan
Property Engineer
Tenancy and property law

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